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Electric Vehicles Research
Posted on December 01, 2017

5,000 StreetScooters in service at DHL , Tesla trucks on order

The target announced in April for the end of 2017 has already been achieved by the end of November: Deutsche Post DHL Group, now has 5,000 StreetScooters in service delivering mail and parcels. After approximately 13 million kilometers driven, the results are very gratifying for the company. The electric vehicles, which have to stop and start again over 300 times daily on over 300 days each year, have proven themselves in the tough world of everyday mail service. Besides that, their costs for maintenance and wear are 60 to 80 percent lower than for similar conventional vehicles. In addition, operation of the approximately 3,700 StreetScooter WORK and 1,300 WORK L models results in an annual reduction of more than 16,000 tons of carbon emissions - an important contribution to climate protection and noise reduction.
"It all started in 2012 with a big idea," said J├╝rgen Gerdes, CEO of the Post - eCommerce - Parcel division at Deutsche Post DHL Group. "Today, after 13.5 million kilometers driven we've proven that StreetScooter works. It's working quite well, in fact - not only for the Group, but for customers outside the logistics industry in Germany and other European countries. Emission-free mobility has arrived and it's here to stay!""
In addition to the 5,000 StreetScooters, around 10,500 pedelecs belong to the Post - eCommerce - Parcel division's electric fleet. Of those, 1,300 e-bikes and 900 e-trikes are from StreetScooter, and their numbers continue to increase.
Accompanying the gradual expansion of its fleet of electric vehicles, Deutsche Post DHL Group has also expanded its charging station infrastructure nationwide, with the current number of charging stations in place able to meet present needs. After being recharged overnight at their home bases, the StreetScooters are ready for service on their delivery routes the next morning.
For several years, the Group has been using electricity from 100% renewable sources that satisfies the requirements of EU Directive 2009/28/EC and is certified by the EECS GoO system and the register of guarantees of origin at the German Environment Agency.
As it does with the WORK and WORK L electric vans, the Group will sell pedelecs produced by StreetScooter to outside customers such as municipalities or small businesses. Interested customers can also benefit from and purchase StreetScooter's expertise in charging infrastructure.
DHL Group also announced that it has placed an order for ten Tesla Electric Class 8 Semi Trucks and is one of the first third-party logistics companies to order the trucks.
DHL Supply Chain will test the trucks, which will be available in 2019, at its customer operations in major U.S. metro cities. The trucks will be used for shuttle deliveries and same-day customer deliveries, and will be tested for mileage efficiency on longer runs from major markets to other DHL operations across the country.
"At DHL Supply Chain, we're always thinking beyond today's shipment - whether that be thinking about tomorrow, next month or two years from now when these trucks become available," said Jim Monkmeyer, President of Transportation at DHL Supply Chain North America. "This is a revolutionary approach to trucking, and we want to be a part of it for our customers, for our employees and for our industry."
DHL Supply Chain also plans to evaluate the trucks' impact on drivers' quality of life and job satisfaction. DHL Supply Chain's 2017 talent gap research report highlights a supply chain talent gap that has the potential to spiral into a talent crisis. And according to the American Trucking Association, the shortage in drivers could double from 48,000 in 2015 to almost 100,000 in 2020.
Deutsche Post DHL Group plans on being the industry's driver of electromobility and market leader in green logistics. Its e-mobility initiative is also part of its ambitious GoGreen program, an environmental protection project that will help Deutsche Post DHL Group become the first logistics company to reduce all logistics-related emissions to net zero by 2050. For the good of the environment and its customers, the company plans to replace its entire mail and parcel delivery fleet in the mid-term with electric vehicles that are charged with electricity generated from renewable energy sources.
Source and top image: Deutsche Post DHL Group
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